Foggy Bottom Lodge
Bow Hunting Getaway in Chautauqua County, New York

About Us

About us

The Foggy Bottom Lodge

This rustic lodge sleeps 4 and has a fully equipped kitchen, indoor bath with hot water, and a comfortable sleeping area where you can relax and discuss your hunting adventures. The lodge also includes a television and a woodstove for your enjoyment.

The Foggy Bottom Lodge is located on 200 acres of private land nestled in thousands of acreage of undeveloped river bottom in Chautauqua County, New York.  The Lodge provides uncommon accommodations for bow hunters looking for an exceptional experience and impressive game.

ATV tracking and hunt retrieval help available to those who request it.

You will not find this experience elsewhere in Western New York. This virtually untouched piece of land is hidden from normal traffic to keep the game and land pristine, and we intend to keep it that way. The proprieter of the land will reveal the location of the land on the first day of your trip.

Types of Hunts Available at Foggy Bottom Lodge

The Foggy Bottom Lodge offers hunts of different types for the avid hunters. Extreme hunting is available, while the property also has two hunting spots already set up for those who are interested in less of a physical challenge.

Most of the season, the property is offered for strictly bow hunters. However, during late season hunters can use muzzleloaders on the property.

Food in the Woods

Visitors can either cook or eat at local restaurants. There is a local grocery store a few miles away. The Proprietor will give you information regarding area services upon your arrival to the Foggy Bottom Lodge.


What's Going on in the Woods

BuckIn the future, this area will contain information about what is happening in the woods right now.


There will be a note regarding the estimate for the rut, as well as other information that could help you find the big game you are looking for.



October 15 through October 30
November 1 through November 18

(Late season in December also available. Muzzleloader allowed during late season.)